A readmission agreement with Benelux countries has been signed in Brussels


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A readmission agreement with Benelux countries has been signed in Brussels

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Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, who is in Brussels on a working visit, on June 20 attended the signing ceremony of a readmission agreement with Benelux countries.

The opening remarks were delivered by Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration, and Administrative Simplification Theo Francken, and Deputy Secretary General of Benelux Union Alain de Muyser.

The head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, referring to the results of the implementation of the agreement on readmission stressed: “Together with the European Union and EU member states we implemented several projects that were aimed at creating favorable conditions and assisting our citizens in full reintegration taking into account not just socio-economic but also psychological aspects of the process. The number of joint endeavours were dedicated to enhancing capacities of Armenian government agencies to build its own reintegration policy. Readmission and reintegration are in the center of mobility partnership.”

We also attach utmost importance to the awareness raising campaigns as well as fight against illegal migration. And our law enforcement agencies stand ready to continue the cooperation that we have with the EU member-states on all pending issues. We have a very sincere and very pragmatic working relations with the European Union and with the BENELUX countries. The implementation protocol that will be signed in a few minutes will be a valuable addition to the existing legal framework and will surely make the readmission related procedures better regulated.”

In the context of the issue of migration, the head of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia noted that Armenia has given shelter to 22,000 Syrian Armenians and has invested its expertise in order to reintegrate them and giving them ground to reestablish their lives as a matter of fact.

Concluding his speech, Minister Mnatsakanyan described the about-to-be-signed protocols as a very important addition, a new tool in the joint work of regulating migration.

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